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Body Fat and Alcohol

Beach Body or Beer Belly

Body Fat and Alcohol - One of the most common concern among people looking to lose weight is the correlation between body fat and alcohol. The health conscience, weight watchers and general people struggling with obesity want to know how alcohol is treated in their body. What effect it lays on your body's fat burning process?

So, lets discuss body fat and alcohol in detail...

Body Fat and Alcohol

Alcohol - Preferred Fuel Over Fat

Losing weight is not easy for most of the people. It takes time, energy, strength and focus. The science behind weight loss is that you should burn more body fat and calories than you consume. However, consuming calories and fat is much more easy and convenient than burning it.
It is a fact that alcohol provides 7 calories per gram. Whereas, protein and carbohydrates provide 4 calories per gram only. As far as fat is concerned, it provides 9 calories per gram. According to this study alcohol provides less calories than fat. Read More
However, your body treat alcohol as a fuel and start burning it to produce as soon as it enter your system. It keeps burning the alcohol until and unless it is completely out of your system. This inhibits the process of burning body fat and calories from your food. Thus, you become over-weight.

Metabolism and Body Fat Burning Mechanics

Alcohol produces a compound in your body that is known as NAHD. Alcohol inhibits fat burning in your body by creating excess of NAHD. This compound creates new fatty acids and glycerol (a simple sugar) in your body. It also enters in your body's electron transport chain.
In the electron transport chain it works like an energy booster. It also blocks the process of fat metabolism in your body. Regular blockage of fat metabolism results in fatty liver disease, accumulation of excess fat in the blood and increased risk of heart disease.

More Calories Means Less Fat Burn

Alcohol not only interferes with body fat burning process but also adds up to your daily caloric intake. According to a study, 12 oz beer, 5 oz wine and 1.25 oz distilled spirit all contain around 14 grams of alcohol. One beer, one serving of wine, one shot of distilled spirit provides approximately 100 calories.
Therefore, if you are consuming too much of alcohol than your body will have to burn all those extra calories without actually burning any body fat. So, as a result, you become over-weight.

Appetite and Cravings

Your brain feels rewarded when you eat/drink something that you really like. Alcohol triggers your food-related reward system in your brain. It gives you the feeling of satisfaction. However, it also increases your appetite and makes you crave for more food. This adds up your calorie and fat consumption.

How To Burn Body Fat?

If you want to burn body fat then firstly you need to cut down your alcohol consumption and secondly you need to improve your lifestyle.
Some people may find it difficult to stop consuming alcohol altogether so you need to start slow. Reduce your alcohol consumption and gradually move over to completely eliminating it from your diet.
Regular exercise and an active lifestyle can naturally help you burn body fat. Also, it is important to eat the right kind of food. Avoid consuming empty calories like processed food, snacks and simple sugars etc. Instead you should consume food that is rich in fibers and proteins.
Fiber and protein rich food helps in burning body fat more easily and naturally. Therefore, you should eat more fruits, vegetables meat etc. It also improves your overall health and fitness levels.
There is another way to burn body fat and that is with the help of diet pills.

Diet Pills

Diet pills are a very common method for weight loss these days. More and more people in Australia and also in other countries are struggling with obesity and they prefer using diet pills.
There are hundreds of different diet pills available in the market. It is rather difficult to choose the best out of them so you need to be extra cautious. It is important to choose a diet pill that is made from only natural and organic ingredients.
The diet pills that are made from chemicals cause side effects and health problems. However, natural diet pills are safe on your system. They do not cause side effects or after effects. Therefore, you should only choose natural diet pills. One of the best natural diet pill is PhenQ.

PhenQ Review

PhenQ is the legal alternative of the popular diet pill Phentermine. It works like a fat burner, appetite suppressant, energy booster and metabolism enhancer. It is an ideal diet pill for burning body fat.
It also helps in burning even the most stubborn body fat that is stored in your belly and thighs area. In addition, it is clinically tested and proven to give rapid weight loss. Also, PhenQ reduces weight without any side effects.

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