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Body Fat and Alcohol

Beach Body or Beer BellyBody Fat and Alcohol - One of the most common concern among people looking to lose weight is the correlation between body fat and alcohol. The health conscience, weight watchers and general people struggling with obesity want to know how alcohol is treated in their body. What effect it lays on your body's fat burning process?

So, lets discuss body fat and alcohol in detail...
Body Fat and AlcoholAlcohol - Preferred Fuel Over Fat Losing weight is not easy for most of the people. It takes time, energy, strength and focus. The science behind weight loss is that you should burn more body fat and calories than you consume. However, consuming calories and fat is much more easy and convenient than burning it.
It is a fact that alcohol provides 7 calories per gram. Whereas, protein and carbohydrates provide 4 calories per gram only. As far as fat is concerned, it provides 9 calories per gram. According to this study alcohol provides less calories than fat. Rea…

Easy Weight Loss Tips Without Exercise

Easy Weight Loss Tips Without ExerciseEasy Weight Loss Tips Without Exercise - Weight loss has become the biggest priority of millions of people in today's time. Hectic and poor lifestyle is responsible for the increasing rate of obesity.
Many people do not get enough time to do exercise or workout and they want to lose weight. So, they often look for easy weight loss tips without exercise. Lets discuss in detail...

Easy Weight Loss Tips Without ExerciseDrink More Water The number one easy weight loss tips without exercise is to drink more water especially before meals. When you drink more water it boosts your metabolism by around 30% for almost 1 to 1.5 hours. This helps in burning calories.(1)
Often when you feel hungry between meals you are not actually hungry but you are thirsty. In situations like these people tend to snack but instead you should drink a glass of water. In this way, without adding any calories you will actually burn some calories.
Eat Eggs In BreakfastE…